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Have you ever had so much on your plate that you begin to see things fall to the side? No, we aren’t talking about filling up your plate with food. Instead, we are talking about filling up your plate with responsibilities and stress. The more you pile on the more likely you are to fail at some responsibilities. Admitting that you need help is so important especially when the future of you and your loved ones depend on it.

The day that you got injured on the job was probably one of the worst days of your life. The day you realized that you were in pain due to your job was probably one of the worst days of your life too. Americans are proud of working people. We like to associate our life with what we do for a living. We like to share how much we did and how much work we accomplish during a work week. We love to boast about work so much that we are one of the least of most countries to take vacations from our job. That is how much we depend on our jobs and how much our job demands our time. So when we get injured on the job it not only messes with our future income but it also messes with our identity.

Since we are a country of workers we have precautions set in place to ensure that our hard workers are protected. California has made it a requirement for businesses to buy workers’ compensation insurance. Businesses are also legally obligated to show their employees’ workers’ compensation plans and ways to go about starting a claim. This is offered to ensure that employees know that they are being taken care of and provide safety for the risks that they take every day when they come to work.

Doesn’t that sound like such a nice idea? Covering your workers? Unfortunately, that doesn’t always go as smooth as one would think. Sometimes when you get injured on the job your claim gets denied.  How does this happen? Well, there are myriad of things to consider. Here are a few common errors:

  1. No medical evidence of injury
  2. Pre-existing condition
  3. Stress that is not work-related
  4. Failure to report in a timely fashion
  5. Misrepresentation
  6. Doesn’t meet the standard of claim
  7. Intoxicated or drug-related violation

Some of these are serious allegations such as misrepresentation or drug-related violations. Thousands of workers’ compensation claims are filed every day. No system is perfect and workers’ compensation claims are far from being perfect. Sometimes claims that are denied are due to miscommunication, misfiling, typos, or cross information. If you are worried that a claim isn’t going to go through or if you have already tried and have a denied claim, don’t pile up your plate and ask for help because you have options.

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