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Walking, along with biking, are efficient methods of getting around various Californian cities. It’s an emission saving means of avoiding car payments while staying healthy. It’s unfortunate so many pedestrians and bicyclists are injured or killed each year, mostly when other cars or trucks fail to yield. We’re JML Law, advocates of alternative means of transportation who’ll provide an Anaheim pedestrian and bicycle accident attorney when calamities happen at another’s expense.

Accidents of this magnitude fall under personal injury law because you’re badly hurt but not while driving an automobile. Now, if you’ve got insurance on an expensive bicycle, that’s another area we’ll cover.

California Laws Protect Walkers and Riders

Vehicles, much heavier than humans or bikes, cause devastating damage speeding from parking lots or trying to beat yellow lights. Injuries known to prevail resulting from another’s negligent operation of their passenger vehicle include broken limbs, head and neck injuries, even death.

So, exactly are pedestrians and bike riders getting hit when sidewalks and bicycle lanes exist?

  1. Blatant disregard for traffic signals.
  2. Driving while intoxicated, distracted or overtired.
  3. Barreling through pedestrian crosswalks without looking both ways or yielding as directed.
  4. Failing to reduce speed during inclement weather.
  5. Not checking blind spots when backing out of tight parking areas.
  6. Driving through construction areas without following flagmen and women.
  7. Simply not paying attention to surroundings.

Our Anaheim pedestrian and bicycle accident attorney works hard to distinguish at-fault parties from those following laws. Most accidents are avoidable, which our litigation of your case will unveil. JML Law has successfully fought, and won, cases where drivers simply didn’t care where crosswalks or pedestrians existed, because they’re blowing through the red light, and that’s that.

Our Team Focuses on Settling Your Claim

Accuracy, not speed, win fair settlements for clients. That’s been our mantra since we established our firm and will continue to be how we litigate moving forward. Before commencing negotiation process, our team gathers everything necessary to substantiate your case where another’s reckless regard for human safety injured you.

Most important component of litigating claims is distancing clients from fault. Defendants will often claim ‘they could have moved’ or ‘we had right of way’. Neither hold water, since point of impact will clearly show they failed to yield or exercise caution. Or, camera footage will prove responsibility rested on driver’s shoulders.

Once we’ve established fault, the mighty adjuster will enter the fray. We handle them, too, because injured persons who attempt to engage these insurance representatives often find themselves accidentally incriminating themselves when, in fact, they’re the victim. It’s a poor attempt to show humor, at best. JML Law will use every known law to fight back an adjuster’s attempt to discount the seriousness of your injuries. Once that’s complete, we’ll put some finishing touches on your case and file, if necessary, every page we’ve written with our court system.

Don’t take chances with ‘subpar’ representation. If you’ve been injured walking or biking around this beautiful area, and would like an Anaheim pedestrian and bicycle accident attorney to assist, contact us.

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