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Are you an employee or contractor who is suffering from retaliation by your employer for reporting valid concerns about illegal, fraudulent or corrupt behaviour? Have you:

  1. Been fired from your job or contract?
  2. Been blacklisted or given an inaccurate, negative employment reference?
  3. Been denied a pay rise or a promotion?
  4. Been given poor performance evaluations?
  5. Are you being bullied or mistreated?

If your employer has fired or mistreated you in revenge for reporting their illegal activities, your Anaheim whistleblower lawyer can help.

Under the California Whistleblower Protection Act, an employee who reports their employer’s illegal behavior – and is fired as a result – can sue their employer for damages. This law has recently been updated to cover third-party contractors and those who report illegal deeds internally to their employers.

Protected employee and third-party contractor actions include:

  1. Reporting the illegal dumping of toxic waste to CalEpa (California Environmental Protection Agency);
  2. Contacting the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) to report financial fraud;
  3. Reporting safety code violations to OSHA (the Occupational Safety & Health Administration);
  4. Raising issues internally with your supervisor or another co-worker.

If you have been fired for reporting your concerns to law enforcement, a government official, or even your supervisor, take action now by contacting JML Law whistleblower attorneys at 818-610-8800.

How Can An Anaheim Whistleblower Attorney Help Me?

Our Anaheim attorneys have years of experience in dealing with these types of cases and are ready to assist you in holding your former employer to account. Many of these lawsuits are settled out of court, but some may end up in court in front of a judge – your Anaheim whistleblower attorney will work hard for you at every step of the way to ensure that you receive the justice you deserve.

Our main priority is to help you win any damages you have suffered as a result of being fired for raising legitimate concerns with your former employer. Many awards are made on loss of income but can also include compensation to the loss of your reputation or difficulties in finding a new job after being blacklisted or having your employment termination on your resume.

Some recent US whistleblower settlements include:

  1. A Los Angeles bank manager fired in retaliation for reporting suspected cases of fraud. He won $4.5 million in damages and was reinstated in his old job;
  2. A California bank employee fired for raising concerns with her managers about co-workers defrauding customers. She won $577,000 in damages, which included back pay, loss of reputation and attorney fees
  3. An Amtrak employee who raised safety concerns about a contractor was fired. He received $892,551 in damages which covered lost wages, punitive damages, compensation and attorney fees, and was reinstated to his old job.

We have a long track record of winning damages for our clients throughout the city of Anaheim and Orange County, and we will fight for you every step of the way.

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