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Bus and Metrolink accidents are devasting, If you find yourself in a situation and need to speak with an attorney in Long Beach, give JML Law a call.
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Long Beach Bus, Train and Metrolink Accident Attorney

Many people in Long Beach rely on public transportation to get around – the bus, train, metro, and even cabs and Uber. For some people, it is a preferred method to get buying a car. The public transportation system is pretty steady and reliable, and it is cheaper or a better option for many residents, especially those who do not want the hassle of a car payment, insurance, maintenance, etc. And for elderly people, it makes them feel less confined knowing they can get around on their own and be independent. But what happens when the same transportation system slips up and hurts someone instead of helping them? What do you do? Each year, dozens of residents sustain personal injuries in bus, train and metro accidents. Many cases are not serious, while others cause major damage.

If you are involved in a bus, train or metro accident and you need a personal injury attorney in Long Beach, give JML Law a call. We have been representing clients for many years and we know what it takes to get you properly compensated for your injuries. Our team of legal experts has seen and been through it all and we know the court system inside and out. Do not wait another second. The longer you wait, the more detrimental it can be to your case. Give us a call today for a free consultation and let one of your Long Beach personal injury attorneys handle your case with care, compassion, and conviction.

Be Careful When Using Public Transportation

The best way to avoid any type of injury is to be extra cautious when traveling about town. There is a certain level of safety expectation we all have, but you can never be too careful. The more aware you are, the less likely you will be to have a mishap.

Metro and Train Accidents

Many times we hear stories or see cases of people getting caught in the Metro and train doors. Because the doors are automatic, they open and close as such. Some doors have sensors that will not allow them to close if someone is standing in the doorway, but machines malfunction all the time. Do not leave your safety up to expectation.

Bus Accidents

Outside of being hit by a bus, we see cases of people slipping and falling on faulty bus steps; getting injured because a handrail is loose and the bus makes a sudden stop, and bus drivers driving and stopping abruptly causing mild to severe concussions when someone hits their head. It sounds small, but these injuries can pile up into a mountain of medical bills.

If you find yourself in a situation and need to speak with a personal injury attorney in Long Beach, give JML Law a call. We will be happy to sit with you and go over your case. We want to make sure you get compensated like you should. Give us a call today.

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