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Workplaces who impinge on one’s right to withhold marital information, or discriminate against married workers, could be held civilly liable. States protect the institution of marriage, both at work and away, while also protecting those wishing not to disclose their marital privacies when applying for work. Victims, whether man or woman, can be denied equal pay when equal work was performed upon employer’s discovery of their marital status.

Los Angeles marital status discrimination attorney intervention often brings injustices such as harassment stemming from marital orientation to justice. Victims wanting employers held accountable turn to JML Law, A Professional Law Corporation dedicated to preserving employee rights while on company premises.

Examples of Marital Discrimination, and Exemptions

Personal characteristics, protected by state and federal law, include one’s relationship status. Recognized relationships under law include marriage, domestic partnership, de facto relationships, widower, legally separated, divorced and same-sex. As these laws are clearly defined, violations are often blatantly obvious, although standard burden of proof applies when litigating claims.

No two situations in employment discrimination cases are similar. That said, here’s some example where marital discrimination would be actionable and undertaken by JML Law:

  1. Job interviewer states they’re recently single, then become angry when applicant states they’re happily married.
  2. Complimenting an employee’s engagement ring then asking if they’re getting married is another no-no, especially if employee gets demoted for saying “yes”.
  3. Promoting an individual who’s single and performs substandard work as opposed to giving similar opportunity to longer tenured employee with stellar job performance who’s married.
  4. Calling the person with same-sex partner inexcusable names denigrating their manhood or womanhood.
  5. Making fun of a woman employee who recently became widowed.

Antidiscrimination laws shield employees and applicants from employers who base their promotions or hiring off marital status. Taking time off work under FMLA to care for one’s gravely sick spouse, but firing worker while away because they failed to disclose marital status is another form of discrimination JML Law will fight on behalf of aggrieved employees.

Harassing or verbally abusing protected classes of workers, such as those who may or may not be engaged in relationships, is protected by the EEOC. Bringing action requires normal evidentiary examination, such as proof worker was employed at company in question and irrefutable evidence an incident of marital discrimination took place.

Businesses with less than 15 employees are exempt from litigation as the Civil Rights Act and its spinoff agency, the EEOC, doesn’t apply; however, all entities regardless of size are bound by Equal Pay Act.

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Qualifying claims of marital injustice at work may be litigated by JML Law’s highly regarded Los Angeles marital status discrimination attorney. Your claim is handled discreetly until we’ve built an ironclad case against the employer in question. No longer do employees and applicants need to feel inadequate about bringing offending parties to justice. Compensation and job retention are options we explore for clients.

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