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Pursuing Maximum Compensation in Los Angeles

Catastrophic injuries can have everlasting impacts on your life. Accident victims and family members can experience profound lifestyle changes that affect their daily personal and work lives. Brain injury and spinal injury of any type can cause paralysis, memory loss, vision loss, hearing loss, nerve damage, difficulty breathing, numbness, extreme pain, balance difficulties and more. It is critical to get immediate, high-quality medical care if you or a loved one has experienced any sort of head, neck or back trauma.

At JML Law, we help clients who cannot afford medical care and specialist attention to find doctors who will not charge for treatment until their cases settle. Our personal injury lawyer are top Los Angeles litigators who guide our clients through the entire legal process. As our client, we will aggressively advocate for your best interests in all legal forums and handle all legal aspects of your case, including:

  1. Independent investigation of your claim
  2. All communications with insurance companies and other defendants
  3. Discovery and examination of all applicable insurance coverage policies
  4. Collaboration with expert witnesses
  5. Filing a personal injury lawsuit and all other court filings
  6. Mediation and settlement negotiation
  7. Court litigation, if necessary

Establishing The Full Value Of Your Case

There are numerous pieces of your case to account for and several factors that will guide our work in determining the full and fair value of your case. If the injury was work-related, it will change how we pursue your compensation. The unique elements of your injury, the accident and your specific losses and damages will affect the amount of your compensation and overall case.

Submitting a calculated and accurate demand for compensation to the defense is crucial to your maximum possible recovery and each of these elements will influence our demand package. Our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyer collaborates with proven experts including accident reconstructionists, medical experts and life-care planners to build a compelling and winnable case on your behalf.

Even if you or a family member was partially at fault for the accident that caused brain injury or spinal injury, you may still be able to recover substantial compensation that can cover:

  1. Past and future medical costs
  2. Past and future lost income
  3. Lost future earning capacity
  4. Pain and suffering
  5. Long-term care needs
  6. Lost income

Our injury attorneys are experienced with brain injury and spinal injury cases in Los Angeles County and throughout California. Do NOT accept an insurance settlement before fully understanding your legal options and speaking with one of our brain injury attorneys. We will handle your case with compassion & conviction and go to bat for you once we accept your case.

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