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Motorcycle fatalities rise when motorcycle sales increase. At least that’s what statistics in Los Angeles County depict, given the reasonably warm trends in weather and volume of motorcycle riders registering bikes within the last five years. Nobody prepares for motorcycle accidents; they unfortunately happen from all directions, on all road surfaces and without regard to speed.

Litigating motorcycle accident claims for many years affords JML Law the opportunity to settle claims much more accurately. Given the opportunity, our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney will take cases as far up the legal system necessary to emerge victorious for clients needing compensation. As with all personal injury matters brought to our office, nothing is paid until something is finalized.

Los Angeles Motorcycle Accidents are Increasing

Crash data from 2012 alone suggests accidents are increasing, and will continue their upward trend. Of all motorcycle fatalities during that year, 53 were broadside collisions with another 12 being rear-end accidents. Six happened by sideswipe, and another six were head-on. Negligence was definitely an overwhelming factor, and our office litigated some of the incidents mentioned.

An important component of proving motorcycle accident fault involves accurate police reporting and witness testimony. Claims of driver negligence must be back by irrefutable evidence, which many times they are; inaccuracies in law enforcement documentation could jeopardize (or minimize) settlements, which is why JML Law looks closely at details, and matches them with what traffic camera footage tells us. Witnesses, too, must be willing to testify that motorcyclist was operating within the confines of law.

Accidents are serious. Paralysis, death, broken limbs and irreconcilable financial losses often result when an impaired or distracted driver fails to yield to motorcycles at high speeds. With an experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney working your case, all losses including medical expenses incurred will be added to our formal complaint. Once it’s time to litigate, we’ll bring an undisputable mountain of evidence backing our account of your miserable day.

Helmeted riders may suffer significantly less head and neck trauma, but make no mistake – higher speed accidents can easily eject riders and obliterate their helmets, causing similarly life-threatening brain and spine trauma. Our firm considers every possibly scenario insurers will bring to the bargaining table prior to finalizing our case against driver responsible for this unspeakable pain you’re experiencing.

JML Law: Attorneys You Can Trust

Statistics don’t lie. Motorcyclists, regardless of skill level or years on the road, are more likely to fall victim to accidents than any mode of transportation around. Until California’s massive highway system is free of negligence, accidents will still happen tomorrow. Preparation for these accidents can lessen the likelihood one dies, although it’s obvious anything hitting motorcyclists with force will cause injury.

Legal representation that’s free of excuses, puts riders first and gets results you and your family deserve – that’s what our skilled Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney offers riders injured by negligence.

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