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Defamation is no laughing matter, although the acts which can constitute a defamation claim under California are all too often dismissed as being jokes, light-hearted chat, and similarly minimized. While the person or persons responsible for starting rumors may not be acting deliberately maliciously, their false accusations, lies, or misleading comments can have a detrimental effect on several areas of your life. When you first learn about these comments or accusations, you are likely to be affected emotionally by the incident, but it can quickly and easily become even more damaging. Defamation in the workplace can seriously harm your professional reputation, impact on your chances of progressing along your chosen career path, and make future career prospects unavailable to you, through no fault of your own. When you have been subjected to this unacceptable treatment in the workplace, following accusations or misleading statements from a colleague, supervisor, manager or other party, you could be entitled to be compensated for the pain and suffering inflicted upon you.

Do not simply accept the negative effect this behavior can have on your wellbeing and your career. Contact a Woodland Hills defamation attorney from JML Law today to learn more about your legal options.

How Do I Know If It Really Was Defamation?

Those who are employed within Woodland Hills and the surrounding areas can benefit from the protection offered by California laws relating to defamation. As such, you could be legally entitled to bring a lawsuit against your employer on the grounds of defamation, should your employment have been terminated due to false accusations or untrue statements made by a manager, co-worker or other party. Both verbal and written statements and accusations are covered by defamation law, which encompasses slander and libel.

Our Woodland Hills defamation attorneys are available to discuss your individual case during a free initial consultation but, as a brief outline:

A defamation case may exist where either a verbal or written statement has been made about you, which is:

  1. False
  2. Unprivileged
  3. Of a type which could be expected to injure or cause damage to you
  4. Negligent at best, or deliberately damaging

Our experienced Woodland Hills defamation lawyers have extensively and successfully handled cases relating to:

  1. Potentially harmful lies being spread by your manager, supervisor or co-worker
  2. False statements which are concocted and communicated with the intention of bringing your competence into question
  3. False accusations relating to dishonesty or theft

Our attorneys are dedicated to holding the perpetrators of workplace defamation accountable for their actions, thereby clearing the name of the victim.

How Could a Woodland Hills Defamation Attorney Help Me Disprove False Statements?

At JML Law, our defamation lawyers are committed to obtaining justice for those whose careers and reputations have been adversely affected by workplace accusations and untruths. When you hire one of our attorneys to bring a defamation lawsuit on your behalf, we pledge to apply the full extent of our legal expertise to ensuring you are compensated for:

  1. Pain and suffering endured as a result of the defamation
  2. Punitive damages, which are intended to penalize your employer for their part in the defamation, or for failing to prevent it
  3. Any other costs you have incurred as a result

To avail of the legal representation of an esteemed Woodland Hills defamation attorney, schedule your free initial consultation by calling JML Law today on 818-610-8800.

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