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If you or someone you loved suffered from a construction accident then your first instinct is to call a Workers’ Compensation Attorney. The reason for this is, the system is complicated and they make it complicated for a reason. Billions of dollars are given each year to those who are injured on the job. That includes you. Our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys at JML Law, a Professional Corporation are here to ensure that you are going to receive just compensation for the injuries you sustained from a workplace injury. California is a state that requires all businesses to have workers’ compensation insurance. So, if your job tells you that workers’ compensation is not an option then there is a problem and our Workers; Compensation Attorneys are here willing to resolve it for you.

Those who work in construction are prone to accidents every day. There are proper safety precautions necessary for the job, but we all know that accidents aren’t planned; hence the name accident. Workers don’t plan on getting hurt just like employers don’t plan on losing a valuable worker. There are four main accidents that occur on construction sites:

  1. Falling: whether you are working on a roof or for a skyscraper, any kind of fall can result in your hitting your head or back. Depending on the severity of your fall you can be out of the job for weeks or months. Any trauma to head, neck or back can result in short or long term disability
  2. Being Electrocuted: Working with exposed wires can be very dangerous as it can result in you getting electrocuted which can result in getting burned, seizures, confusion, difficulty breathing, or losing consciousness. This, in turn, can cause further complications which would result in your losing ability to work.
  3. Caught between objects: As torturous as this sounds, it is a real possibility and can result in injury to your head, back, core, or legs. This, in turn, could mean that you are out of work to heal from the injuries. Depending on the situation, you could also suffer from mental issues like claustrophobia.
  4. Being struck by an object: wearing a hard hat is just one way to prevent serious injuries, but even being struck on the head wearing a helmet doesn’t prevent neck injuries from the force of the object hitting your head.

Our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys at JML Law, a Professional Law Corporation have dealt with a range of injuries. We have also had the unfortunate duty of dealing with those who have died due to the construction accident. Workers’ Compensation is a system in place to not just protect your employer, but to help you. Let our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys help you get the help you need. An accident doesn’t just affect you but all those who you support. The quicker you start the filing process the quicker you will receive the benefits. Call 818-610-8800 or click here to start a conversation with our professionals today.

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