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Have you ever tried laying down without putting pressure on your mid back? Have you tried to drink a cup of coffee without bending your elbow? These are almost to impossibilities. Imagine going for months without being able to drink a cup of coffee normally? And stomach sleeping? That isn’t good for you to begin with, so why try and start that habit now? Shoulder and Elbow injuries are more linked than you think. The shoulder commands a lot of authority over your arms. Once you lose the ability to move on all the tendons and ligaments connected are also strained and can render incapacitated. If you can’t sleep or drink your coffee then you certainly cannot work and is the real problem.

Those who work in health care are one of the top class of people who struggle with shoulder and elbow injuries. Other reasons for this kind of injury is due to slip and falls and repeated behavior. For example, if you are constantly lifting medium to heavy materials then you are at risk for symptoms of shoulder and elbow pain. If you are a landscaper, construction worker, manufactory worker, retail worker, or health care worker then you are subjected to constantly putting things over your head. You are constantly reaching up or down or to the side. These kinds of movements if done with repetition and weighted can result in harm done to your shoulder and elbow. If you are feeling pain while doing normal chores than more than likely you are feeling pain at work. The best way to treat this pain is to start early on recovery and rehabilitation. Do not wait.

Here are some common injuries to shoulders and elbows:

  1. Rotator cuff: this controls the main movement in your arm going up, down and around. When this is affected nearly all movement is affected. This means that you are unable to do your job. If this is your problem then you need specific medical attention to the area that may result in specialized exercises, steroid shots, and potentially surgery
  2. Elbow joint overload syndrome: an injury like this doesn’t go away. It is rooted in a repetitive injury like sports players or those in the service industry or health care who repeat the same bending motions every day multiple times a day. This can also be treated with medicines and sometimes warrants surgery.
  3. Arthrosis of the Shoulder Joint: As we age, it is natural for the cartilage to deteriorate, but when you are repeating behaviors at work it can increase this deterioration which can then completely inhibit movement.

These are just some injuries and as you can tell they don’t just go away overnight. Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Attorney can ensure that your job is taking you seriously and not blaming your injuries on other activities or age. Call 818-610-8800 or click here to speak securely with our Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation Attorneys at JML Law, a Professional Law Corporation.

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