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Does A Past Employer Owe You Commissions? Here’s What You Can Do

If your past employer refuses to pay commissions, there are quite a few things you can do to get your hard earned commissions. Delayed salaries are a common problem in Riverside and all across California. But if you were employed on a commission basis and you decide to quit the company, you’re likely to encounter a brand new problem: your employer won’t pay you commissions.

Q: Are there any laws that can protect employees that are paid a fee based on the revenue they generate for the business?

Under federal and state law in Riverside, employers are required to pay sales representatives all commission due at the time of termination.

Q: How should you react if your past employer fails to pay commissions or even refuses to do it?

Whether you worked in the automobile sales industry, retail, real estate, insurance or the stock market, you’re entitled to get your hard earned commissions no matter if you got fired or quit voluntarily.

For an average person with no law degree, it’s quite impossible to know all details and aspects of employment law. If your employer owes you commissions, you have no time to waste. Instead of trying to dabble in the legal world for weeks on end, consult an experienced Riverside unpaid commissions attorney. Call JML Law at 818-610-8800 to get a free initial consultation.

Note: We know that you have no time or money to waste, which is why we will offer you a speedy yet thorough investigation; and we don’t get paid unless you get your commission.

You can get your commission plus extra “waiting time wages”

No matter if you quit voluntarily or get fired by the employer, you’re entitled to get your wages and unpaid commissions within 30 days after leaving the company. Many employees tend to believe that they can’t pursue an unpaid commissions wage claim just because they were fired. Under federal and state law in Riverside, the definition of the word “termination” includes both voluntary resignation and termination (firing).

Your employer still owes you all the commissions you earned before you quit or were fired. In fact, with the help of a well-versed Riverside unpaid commissions attorney, you can also pursue commissions for your deals that bring profit even after you leave the company.

If your employer fails to pay commissions, you may be entitled to get additional “waiting time wages.” Meaning: in addition to the original amount of commissions you made before termination, you can get plus two to three times that amount.

Consult our unpaid commission’s attorney at JML Law offices to know if you’re entitled to “waiting time wages” in your particular case.

Don’t accept a paycheck from your employer right away – check if they have included all of the commissions for all of your past and current deals as well as your potential paid fee from long-term profitable deals. If you accept an unfair paycheck, it may be impossible to pursue an unpaid commission claim afterward. Seek help from our unpaid commissions attorney at 818-610-8800 to get your hard earned commissions.


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