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The Shocking Effects of Sexual Assault

The Shocking Effects of Sexual Assault

Victims of sexual assault can struggle many years after the incident. Women are most likely to experience sexual violence than men. Currently, about 1 out of 5 women suffer sexual abuse in the United States. No matter what type of sexual assault, victims should seek ongoing treatment and legal protection from a Riverside sexual assault attorney.

The effects

Sexual assault can have short and long term effects, which can be either physical or emotional. Men don’t experience this type of violence as much as women do. Some of the most common effects include:

  1. PTSD – This is when victims feel anxious and afraid right after the assault or even years later.
  2. Drug abuse – Sex assoult victims are often drugged so that they don’t remember what happened and the pain inflicted.
  3. Self-harm – Unfortunately, victims of sexual abuse sometimes hurt themselves in whichever way possible.
  4. Feeling depressed – This is one of the most common effects of sexual violence.
  5. STD – Sexual Transmited Diseases.
  6. An unwanted pregnancy.
  7. Painful memories and flashbacks as if the assault is happening all over again.
  8. Unstable eating habits – Victims sometimes use food to cope with painful emotions, which can develop into an eating disorder such as bulimia and anorexia.
  9. Sleep problems – Sleeplessness or sleeping too much.
  10. Body memories – Some physical sensations can remind the victim of past abuse.

Sexual assault is a shocking experience for anybody. While not everyone will experience similar effects, research has proven that sexual abuse can debilitate victims both physically and emotionally. The aftermath is often more difficult to cope with. Not all these effects will manifest right away. It may take some time before the victim suffers the full impact. Mental health professionals are always available to help victims of sexual assault find peace of mind. The sooner they seek help the more chances of full recovery. With ongoing counseling, some victims may be able to avoid many long-term effects and live happy lives.

How sexual violence can affect relationships

Sexual abuse can affect family, friends, coworkers and any other relationship. People who care for these victims can experience a variety of reactions. Feelings of fear, shame, and anger can be overwhelming and difficult to cope with. In order to help a victim of sexual assault you first need to find support and professional guidance as these circumstances can be emotionally and physically demanding.

The impact of sexual violence on communities

Sexual violence will not only impact the victim but also communities and society. People feel afraid when these things happen. It affects the whole community in places such as schools, workplaces, and even religious gatherings. It can also be financially costly as more money will be spent on criminal investigations, mental health services, and medical treatment. It certainly costs the government millions of dollars in losses linked to sick leave, productivity, and so on.

Seek the legal advice of a Riverside sexual assault attorney

Perhaps you are a victim of sexual violence or maybe you know someone who is afraid to speak out. These incidents need to be reported to law enforcement immediately after the incident. To learn more about your options when filing a claim, contact JML Law and schedule a free case evaluation.


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