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Signs of elder abuse you may not notice

When your loved one is in a nursing home, you want to make sure they are comfortable and well-taken care of. Unfortunately, many residents become victims of several different types of abuse. At JML Law, we fight for the rights of all clients in North Carolina, especially those who cannot defend themselves.

Emotional abuse can be hard to spot since the symptoms seem common in old age. states that it can be difficult to detect these signs because they mimic the symptoms of dementia. If you notice your loved one mumbling to himself or herself, sucking or rocking, consider the fact that these actions may be the result of emotional abuse. If you ever notice any belittling, controlling or threatening behavior by any caregiver, take it seriously and investigate the situation.

Another form of abuse that can occur is physical abuse. This can be more noticeable, with broken bones, bruises, signs of restraint or welts and scars. Be especially cautious if the unexplained signs of injury occur in a symmetrical pattern on both sides of the body.

Signs of neglect are often more apparent, with dirty sheets, unsanitary conditions or a lack of physical care. If your loved one has lost weight or developed bedsores, these can also be signs. Financial abuse can also be obvious with large withdrawals from bank accounts, but may also be less noticeable as a change to a will, unnecessary services or subscriptions, small ATM withdrawals or missing money or items from the elder’s household. You can learn more about the signs of nursing home mistreatment by visiting our website.


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