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The real cost of long-term disability care

The real cost of long-term disability care

If your loved one is one of the many people in California and across the country who are involved in accidents every day that result in the need for long-term care, it can be overwhelming to think of the monetary costs that are associated with your new situation. While insurance companies and government programs may help cover the thousands of dollars in medical charges each year, we at JML Law want you to be aware of the other costs you may not expect. claims that the first aspect of your life that may suffer is your career. Most people who provide long-term care for a loved one feel that their duties at home negatively impact their careers. Some are required to take a leave of absence or alter the hours that they work. There are some who even claim that they are forced to turn down promotions or switch to a less demanding job that allows more time at home. There are even those who end up leaving their position entirely to provide care, resulting in a major loss of income and benefits.

The dynamic at home is also changed. Relationships can become strained as children are forced to become more independent and time that used to be spent together is now absorbed into the care plan. Many caregivers also find that their mental health suffers, with 40 to 70 percent claiming hypertension, fatigue, heart disease, anxiety and depression.

These situations are common and not always considered when family members are initially determining the compensation that will need to be provided to allow for adequate care. To learn more about the real costs associated with long-term care, visit our web page.


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