Tom Cruise injured filming Mission: Impossible 6
In recent Actor, Tom Cruise injured while shooting a roof jumping scene for MI6. If you are injured in same manner contact a personal injury attorney at JML Law.
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Tom Cruise injured filming Mission: Impossible 6

Tom Cruise injured filming Mission: Impossible 6

Who doesn’t love the Impossibles? Many actors put their lives at risks to make these action films look more real. This is particularly true for Tom Cruise, who recently got injured during a roof jumping stunt. The 55-year old is in good shape but he can still miss some roofs just like any other stunt. It’s not sure yet how serious his injuries could be. Film director Christopher McQuarrie says the actor is very bold but also conscious how injuries can slow down production.

Fans across the world wish Tom a speedy recovery. Although Cruise’s commitment to his work is impressive and very rare, it’s best he slows down a bit and allows stunts do their job. If he gets badly injured, the whole thing can be shut down. Hopefully, everybody gets to watch M: I-6 on the planned release date, the summer of 2018. Some sources say the release date may be postponed until Christmas that same year. Contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney to help you file your personal injury claim.

The accident

Cruise is very popular in Hollywood for performing his own stunts. He is an action-driven man who loves the challenge. But even Tom Cruise can miss the mark. A source says his injuries may be more serious than expected. Apparently, he will need months to recover since his ankle is fractured in two places. After the accident, Cruise is seeing limping around until he eventually shows that he is in pain. It seems the actor is doing something different in this movie that will top anything he has done before.

Impossible talent

Tom Cruise is a very talented actor. He has a very particular set of skills that make him a great asset to any film project. He flies planes and helicopters, rides motorcycle and horses. Any film director would be lucky to hire him. He is actually better than many stunt men. But action movies involve many unforgiving maneuvers. Even if you are a master at it you run the risk of getting injured every time you perform a dangerous stunt.

The talented actor wants to give his fans a genuine experience and it seems he will achieve just that even after being injured. Although most actors in Hollywood prefer stunts, he believes it makes the acting look less real. It just takes away from the main character and distracts the audience. The last thing you want is a disoriented audience. You want to grab their attention and chase the impossible.

Injured victims have a right to compensation

Life is filled with impossibles. You need to be prepared to face challenges out there. If you have been injured in an accident, a Los Angeles personal injury attorney can help you obtain compensation for all damages and injuries sustained in the accident. Just remember to exercise caution at all times. Even trained stunts like Tom Cruise can get injured once in awhile. To schedule your initial case evaluation, call JML Law today.


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