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Am I Covered By Workers’ Compensation?


When people hear “Workers’ Compensation”, typically, they assume that falling in a workplace environment or being injured by machinery is the only case for Workers’ Compensation BUT being injured in a Car Accident during working hours can also be a strong case. In many cases, you might qualify for more than Workers’ Compensation.

Many employees drive company trucks, cars and other forms of vehicles and this can place them in the scope of their employment. Some of these situations might include:

  1. Driving while making a delivery.
  2. Heading out for a work related errand.
  3. Taking another employee on a quick ride for work related purposes.
  4. Many employees drive while traveling for work.

If an accident occurs during off work hours, this is usually not considered a work related accident. You must be on constant alert and watch when you are driving on your own personal hours.

Question: Now, what if you were at fault for the occurred car accident?

Answer: The doctrines respondeat superior is designed particularly for employment related to auto accidents involving company cars.

If you are found negligent as the employee driving for the company and are found responsible for the opposing party injuries, then you and your employer can be held accountable and liable for those injuries. An opposing party can be defined as:

  1. Drivers of other automobiles involved in the accident.
  2. Passengers accompanying the opposing driver.
  3. Passengers accompanying you while you are driving.
  4. Bystanders involved in the car accident.

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