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Do I Have A Case?


Solid evidence in a car accident situation makes your case much stronger. You must be organized and prepare as much information as possible for a successful car accident case in Los Angeles.

Make sure to follow the DO’s below for a more confident case:

  1. Call your insurance agent and report the accident. Your agent will ask for information related to the car accident and might even require the opposed driver’s information and insurance. Make sure to have your police report handy.
  2. Take notes of all of your conversations, even while on the phone with your car insurance agent.
  3. Think about other coverage you might have. Many people have backup coverage through other sources.

Make sure to follow the DONT’s below for a stronger case:

  1. Do not give any written statements to your insurance company or anyone else’s insurance provider until you speak with a JML Law attorney.
  2. Do not allow anyone to record your statements. Remember, you still might be in shock from your car accident and do not want to give information that might damage your case.
  3. Do not accept settlements or offers without first speaking to one of our attorneys.
  4. Do not accept payments, deposit checks or settle for any offers over phone call communication.

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