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What Should I Do If I Have Been Injured In A Car Accident?


Los Angeles is a busy city and California as a whole is even busier. You might be one of the most cautious drivers but that does not mean the driver beside you, in front of you and in the rear share the same driving characteristics. JML Law handles dozens of car accident cases in the Los Angeles area every month and each driver and victim has a unique story to share.

Here are steps to take if you have experienced a car accident:

  1. You might still be in shock and the pain from the car accident has probably not kicked in. Do not let your mind and body fool you. Seek medical attention immediately. Other then pain, you might experience discomfort, dizziness and numbness.

Do not wait and make sure you see a doctor right away. If you wait longer then needed, it will be more difficult to prove your injuries in the car crash later in the process.

  1. Thank goodness for smartphones. Take detailed shots of the accident. Cover every corner of the accident and do not forget about your own visible injuries. Collect and organize all paperwork including documents you receive from the medical offices you visit.

If you cannot take images of your injuries yourself, ask a friend or relative to take the shots for you. Email yourself the photos you take to be safe.

  1. Contact JML Law and schedule an urgent appointment with one of our Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys.

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