How To Win Your Personal Injury Claim

  1. Document your accident- In a perfect world, you will need to prove that the defendant in the case did actually injure you. Writing down what occurred during the accident, before and after is very important for your case. Do not forget to write down the times of the day and incidents involved with your personal injuries. Try to establish a character for the defendant after the accident occurred. Was the defendant understanding and compassionate?
  2. The search for witnesses- There is almost always a witness available for the scene of a car accident. If you are physically able, find a person willing to testify to the scene of the accident. Ask the witness for their information including their phone number for communication later in the process.
  3. Evidence- Taking photos is crucial to a successful personal injury claim. If your phone is damaged, ask a witness to take the photos for you and have them email the photos to you. Be certain that the email was sent before departing from the scene of the accident.
  4. Injury Evidence- It might be difficult but taking photos of your injuries is hit or a miss in your case. If you cannot take the photos on the scene of the car accident, take photos while receiving medical treatment or at home.
  5. Medical Assistance- If an emergency vehicle did not transport you to the hospital, head over to the hospital yourself and make sure you are seen by a medical professional.
  6. Treatment Suggestions- If you have received instructions on how to proceed with your injuries and medical condition, make sure to follow all suggestions provided by your doctor.
  7. Organization- Make daily and hourly notes on the condition of your injuries. Rate your pain from the time you wake up in the morning until evening.
  8. Attorney- Contact the Law offices of JML Law

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